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What we do

Digital transformation affects every organization in all of its activities.

The sheer variety of technologies and innovative business models that materialize this phenomenon creates a significant challenge for decision making. And the stakes could not be higher.

This is where iconyl comes in.

We provide the right information, in the right format, for executive teams to develop an informed consensus on where their company stands and what priorities to pursue when it comes to digital transformation.

The result of a radical rethink of traditional approaches to digital strategy services, iconyl delivers at a price-performance ratio that has no equivalent in its field.

Our analysis lets you see the whole of your organization under a new light and will be of use for years to come on your journey towards your digital future.

How we do it

Watch and listen. Our approach. What we deliver. The difference it will make for you.

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  • Digital transformation audit performed by iconyl that allowed us to have a clear, synthetic and precise view of how our different activities and processes are adapted to the digital era. This audit also allowed us to identify priorities for action based on iconyl’s recommendations. Mr. Christian Mustad and Jean-Charles Neau were able to perfectly and quickly understand how we work and our expectations so as to bring us a highly valuable and efficient management tool that will help us bring about improvements in line with the reality of the digital era.
    Sébastien Moreau, Chairman & CEO
  • iconyl’s analysis allowed us to have a comprehensive and fact-based view of the impact that digital transformation has on our activities. It constituted a crucial contribution to the definition of the ongoing digital transformation program at Palexpo. The priorities for action that have been highlighted are an integral part of the projects that will keep us busy for the next 2 to 3 years.
    Manuel Garcia, Director of Technology and Finance
  • In the context of our ongoing efforts to adapt our activities to digital transformation, the perspective and the focus brought by iconyl’s analysis of our processes were extremely useful and resulted in the identification of priorities for action. The depth and thoroughness of their approach revealed major frictions that will be addressed in our effort to streamline the management of data as well as the way we interact with our customers, suppliers and staff members.
    m3 Real Estate
    Manuel Alvarez, Director of Digital Strategy & Sales

Are you a consultant ?

You are a trusted advisor to your clients and you’re looking for a way to support them in their digital transformation. Iconyl’s Must-Have information is delivered through collaborative implementation. We provide you with all the guidelines to collect the data we need. The result of our analysis is discussed with you for fine tuning before you present it to your client. Fees are shared transparently and fairly. You remain in full control of client relationship, in an ideal position to take any opportunity that arises from iconyl’s recommendations.



The Founders

Christian Mustad

Initially within the business consulting division of Arthur Andersen, and subsequently as co-founder of a niche consulting firm, Christian has served close to a hundred companies across industries and countries since the mid 1990s.

Over the years he has on several occasions developed and implemented analytical models that enable highly accurate decision making, in situations ranging from direct investments monitoring all the way to strategic guidance regarding enterprise wide IT platforms.

Holder of a Master’s degree of International Economics and Management from SDA Bocconi, Christian is a long time and keen observer of changes – technological or otherwise – affecting businesses across industries.

christian mustad
Jean-Charles Neau

Jean-Charles Neau

Scientist by education, Jean-Charles started his career as one of the first engineers in a fast growing software company at a time when Start-up, Digital and Big data were not buzz words yet. This experience was the foundation for a career focused on agility, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Jean-Charles subsequently developed client-oriented change management services at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting delivered in multiple industries throughout Europe, before joining the private banking industry as COO to take charge of sensitive programs during intense periods of transition and uncertainty.

Holder of a master’s degree in information systems management from french Grande Ecole ENSIIE, Jean-Charles is an enthusiastic knowledge sharer and constant learner as a mentor for technology entrepreneurs, columnist in swiss economic magazine and university lecturer.

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