iconyl provides you with the door-opener

Your benefits

  1. A robust, packaged solution ready to market
  2. No upfront payment required
  3. Sales and technical support
  4. Fair and transparent fees sharing
  5. Follow-up opportunities arising from the iconyl report with your own services and reinforce your position as trusted advisor

Your profile

  • You are already established as a consultant with your own network of clients and prospects.
  • You cherish your independence and seek a methodology to help you support your clients on their path towards digital transformation.
  • You are looking for technical as well as commercial support to help you achieve this on your market.
  • You are looking for a fully packaged, efficient and jargon free approach that will allow your client to grasp the situation and define priorities for the challenges ahead.
  • You are seeking a tool that enhances what you already do and opens up new opportunities, not one that blurs your positioning.
  • You want to help your client establish strong foundations when it comes to digital transformation, thus reinforcing your position as a trusted advisor.

What we offer

  • Our packaged methodology, uniquely tailored to help management teams understand where they stand and what to do when it comes to digital transformation.
  • Support to help you secure sales opportunities on your market
  • You perform the data gathering required for our analysis and we work in the background.
  • Presentation & analysis of the «as-is» situation as well as identification of prioritized recommendations are presented to you in a fully packaged report.
  • From start to finish, you remain the sole interlocutor of your client. We remain in the background, delivering the analysis and supporting you.

Collaborative implementation

  • Our aim: ensure that independent and boutique consultants across markets and regions have access to iconyl’s highly relevant service, so that they, and not us, can drive their clients effectively towards the digital future of their organisations.
  • Our difference: We propose a collaborative, open and innovative business model that is fully in line with the digital age. No franchising, licensing, fix cost or commission. You remain independent, developing your market and sole owner of your client relationship. During implementation of iconyl’s service, you perform client facing tasks – data gathering and service delivery, while we process the data and develop the report. Success is shared fairly and transparently.

We provide you with the following tools

  1. Standard report
  2. Sales letter
  3. Sales pitch and FAQ
  4. Sales presentation
  5. Implementation guide

Contact us

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